Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Hand Burger

The only novelty in this new restaurant in Singapore lies only in the name - at least it is to me.

Having seen queues forming outside the restaurant at 313@somerset on numerous occasions, I was quite keen to get my hands on one of their burgers.

So when the second restaurant opened at the Raffles City Shopping Centre, we got take-aways to dine in peace at home.

The burgers were nicely packaged in cylindrical paper containers before being handed out to the customers in a nice take-away plastic bag. Kudos to the packaging team but naturally, the packaging cost is surely passed down to us, the customers.

The first thing that caught my eyes were the thick slab of meat smacked right in the middle of the burger stack-up. They were not as huge as their American counterparts but still, to be able to bite into all layers - buns, vegetables and meat - would require quite a feat with the mouth.

While THE husband couldn't recall the exact names of the burgers he ordered, one tasted very much like a tandoori chicken burger (in the background) while the other tasted quite extraordinary! It tasted like chicken in otak paste. Hmmm....interesting....

Honestly, I would rather queue up for a KFC Zinger burger which tastes much better at half the price!

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