Thursday, July 30, 2009

Villach - Strassenkunstfestival

In summer, Villach is lined up with lots of activities which added quite abit of hustle and bustle to the otherwise relatively small and quiet town south of Austria.

I was lucky to arrive in time for the Strassenkunstfestival held in mid-July. It is essentially a Busker's festival held over a 2 days period right in the city center. The performers came mainly from different parts of Europe and at least one group from China.

The performances began at about 1000hrs till the wee hours of 2300hrs which is considered really late for a small town in Europe.

Despite the scorching mid day sun, the city came alive with locals and tourists crowding the walking streets, eating and drinking in open-air cafes.

Naturally, I was also enjoying the many performances with a fat juicy piece of Leberkäse wedged in between a freshly baked semmel. Yummy!

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