Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Potter Must Speak English!

While many of us takes it for granted to watch movies in the original languages in Singapore, this proved to be quite a challenge in Austria!

Almost everything in Austria is dubbed in the national language of German; from the Hollywood movies to even old Bruce Lee movies screening at 3am in the morning. So naturally, it was inevitable that Harry Potter and his gang of two had to converse in German language as well.

It took us a couple of days and many phone calls to the respective cinemas throughout the country before we found one cinema in Graz screening Harry Potter in the brillant language of English!

The journey there took us 3 hours and after collecting the movie tickets and tucking it into the safety of our pockets, we ventured to the city centre for a rewarding dinner.

The venue was a touristy Italian restaurant smacked right in the center of town. The antipasto was free which included a basket of bread with 3 options of spread - olive, tuna-paprika paste and olive oil. Personally, I'm still not quite accustomed to dipping bread in olive oil.

In addition to the bread antipasto, there was also a small portion of cold squid which I found to be quite unappetising. The squid tasted as if it was dead for many days and has since been soaked in the same sauce till it was served 5 minutes ago.

The main course proved to be more appealing, with the squid ink black pasta served with fresh seafood in just the right portion and another teller which resembles giant raviolis drapped with a light cream sauce.

Being the second largest city in Austria after Vienna, the city seems more alive in the evening and there was also a lined-up of programmes in Summer. For this particular evening, an outdoor theatre was setup with free seatings and a roll-cart selling snack and drinks of all sorts were there as well to satisfy the itching mouths.

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