Monday, August 17, 2009

Road trip - Austria, Reutte

To get away from the hustle and bustle of touristy and expensive Füssen, we decided to drive further South and make our pitstop at the small town of Reutte, Austria.

We found a guesthouse with reasonably priced rooms at Pension Hohenrainer and decided to spurge the rest of the budget on a lavish dinner at Hotel Maximilian instead. Afterall, I'm a true blue-blooded Singaporean...what can be more important than food? :)

The dinner started with the usual fanfare of salad and the necessary thirst quencher - beer.

The highlight were the mains - Prawn Sphagetti with Safron & Sphagetti with Wild Mushrooms. The former was and is still the best pasta I have tasted! The sauce was rather unique with a tinge of sweetness amidst the aroma of seafood, quite unlike any others I have tasted thus far. The latter is less special but nevertheless good as well!

And naturally we ended the dinner as all other Austrians would - with dessert of apple strudel and vanilla ice-cream.

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