Thursday, August 27, 2009

Run! Sushi Run!

While it's a common sight to see conveyor sushi belts in the all-popular Sakae Sushi restaurant chain littered throughout Singapore, this is still a relatively new concept in Austria.

Thus when I spotted the all-too-familiar sight of the moving sushi belt in the Atrio shopping center in Villach, I was literally running towards it in joy!

But my state of euphoria was shortlived as I furrowed my brows in puzzlement of the objects sitting on the similarly colourful plates. Along came a big slab of watermelon, followed by two golden brown deep-fried balls of something draped in golden syrup, then some cold beansprouts, fried rice, fried duck meat slices served on somemore beansprouts and 1 lonely chocolate cube whizzed past with the ocassional few chunks of aged sushi in between.

I think, the proprietors of Sakae Sushi would be clutching their stomachs, rolling on the floor and guffawing out loud if they were to ever witness such a sight...

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