Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Road Trip - Mainau, Germany

Early next morning, we set off for the "Flower Island" of Mainau situated on Bodensee, in South Germany. The drive there was extremely scenic - with the rolling green hills, blue skies, white clouds and the tranquil lakes.

The island is only accessible by ferry and it was an interesting experience for me to be in a car, boarding the big ship. The journey took merely 30 minutes and soon, we were queuing up at the ticketing counter of the island's main entrance. No car is allowed on the island and has to be parked at the big car park before the main entrance.

In the lake, just next to a bridge leading to the island lies a very prominent Christian Cross. It is known as the "Schwedenkreuz" which literally translates to "Swedish Cross". And why is this cross found in the middle of nowhere? Well, as history has it, Mainau came under the rule of the Swedish following a defeat in the Thirty Years war. However, the occupation ended a few months later with the Swedish taking with them all valuables during the withdrawal from the island. And for some unknown reason, this cross was carried halfway but eventually left behind.

Once across the bridge, a giant smiley face greeted all tourists and began what is to be a neatly pedicured tour around the flower island.

A small plot of land is allocated to small animals; the likes of ponies and goats where children can interact with. And what was interesting for me were the goats...they are pretty smart to begin with. :)

Outside some small shops, I noticed candies for sale which were contained in semi-circular plastic domes with openings for the placement of scoops. And in almost all of the domes, wasps were clearly having an enjoyable time licking up the sugar. I wonder if anybody buys the candies after seeing such a sight?

By early afternoon, we ended the tour around the small island with a rewarding lunch at one of the touristy restaurants beside a small castle. Interestingly, the Swedish meatballs usually served at Ikea were also available here!

Cream Pumpkin Soup

Grilled Chicken Steak with Rice

Swedish Meatballs with Lingoberry Jam!

Cake Teller - which was included in the set lunch

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