Friday, August 28, 2009

Villacher Kirchtag - Part 01

Kirchtag literally translates to Church Day.

It is one of the most celebrated festivities in the small town of Villach where the celebration of traditional music, folk dances, food and beer took place over a duration of 7 days starting end-July.
The little town was livened up with colourful decorations throughout the town centre. A centre stage was erected right infront of the Rathaus where a continuous stream of performers kept the audiences in a constant state of high, game stores kept the children busy, streets were lined with makeshift stores selling sausages, bonbons, pastries, deadly concoction of cocktails in giant wine glasses, roasted pig, grilled chicken, beer, beer and more beer!
It is a common sight to see the locals dressed in the traditional lederhosen for man and dirndl for ladies. An interesting fact I learned about the lederhosen was that while one is wearing it, he is supposed to 'fatten' the pants by smearing animal fat leftovers from the food on the pants. And...the pants are not supposed to be washed, only to be worn over the years! And as with all evolution, young girls also took a liking to the short lederhosen and quite honesty, they look rather stylish in it!
And what is truly unique on this festivity is the kirchtag suppe served with reindling bread. The soup was stewed with 3 or more meat (chicken, pork, mutton etc) in it and every shop has their own secret recipe claiming to be THE traditional recipe. What works for me though would be the additional of mutton in the soup and the taste is akin to Gambing soup! A taste of familiarity in a foreign land ~ Oh la la ~

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