Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Villacher Kirchtag - Part 02

Umzug, the highlight of the Kirchtag, is a colourful parade of traditional costumes, headdresses, more folks music, bigger-than-normal horses from the breweries and many, many more!

Participating performers came from neighbouring states within Austria as well as from nearby Italy and Slovenia. Hours before the procession, the city center were already dotted with these performers and their colourful costumes transformed the town center into a wonderful display of colours.

Flags representing each state were flying along the bridge across River Drau and spectators were all hyped up, queuing along the street to occupy the best possible spot to witness the grand procession. Airplane with the Kirchtag banner could also be seen circling around town, giving last notices to those still cooped up in the comfort of their own apartments to join in the fun! Meanwhile, tentages in the city center were filled with smoke from the big woks, cooking up a feast to satisfy the constantly hungry crowd. What better ways to show the festivity of the procession than with pictures and videos? :)

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