Monday, September 21, 2009

Maroni a.k.a Chestnut

The first image that popped into my mind at the mention of chestnuts is that of a pushcart manned by a man in bermudas hard at work frying the dark brown chestnuts amidst a big wok of charcoal....never, never as fruits growing from a tree. And this explains my look of amazement to find them staring at me within such close proximity!

However, the joy was short-lived as I learned that the one I'm witnessing is a Horse Chestnut tree which produces inedible chestnuts, unlike the Sweet Chestnut tree, it's edible counterpart.

Nevertheless, this is definitely one thing for me to look forward to in the cold, cold Winter - steaming hot chestnuts wrapped in brown paper bags, drawing customers with the smell of roasted nuts wafting down the streets, into the tiny alleys...hmmm..... :)

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