Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HonigFest @ Hermagor

One of the many events held during Summer is the honey festival at Hermagor, an eastern district within the state of Carinthia.

The road was closed down on this particular sunny afternoon but were instead lined up with countless makeshift stores selling different housebrands of honey as well as products that were somehow related to honeys or bees.

honey extractor

I spotted one particular store which was selling a traditional Austrian cuisine - Eierschwammerl-Rahmsauce mit Knödeln. Absolutely nothing to do with the festival theme but which caught my attention nonetheless. Smacked right in the center of the store was this giant flat-based wok with thousands of eierschwammerl stewing in a thick brown creamy gravy. And seriously, who could resist it?!?

Unfortunately, one plate cost us a damning €10 so we ended up sharing it and had to instead scout around for a cheaper alternative lunch. And salad was the natural choice - healthy with some stripes of turkey to top up my daily protein requirement. :)

And lastly, I would like to add that bees are not only a hardworking lot, they can be rather clever....or a more apt description would be innovative...what do you think?

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