Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It all started on a beautiful sunny weekend and a bag of bread crumbs.

The drive around a nearby lake provided us with a stunning view of the mountainuous range in the backdrop and the crystal blue lake in the foreground. This is the view that has drawn thousands and probably millions of city dwellers flocking to peaceful and tranquil towns dotted throughout Austria.
People could be seen paddling idly across the lake, others on their sails breezing past the docks and many more sun tanning on the grass patches. Nevertheless, the object of our pursuit cannot be found. We drove around the lake, stopping at locations where we thought were further away from the throngs of human activities which might have driven them to hide in the remote spots. Alas, we were disappointed.
While heading back with our heads almost drooping into the bag full of crumbs, the distant memory of a feeding dispenser located along the river pushed its way through the clouded memories and surfaced to my mind. River Drau it shall be!

Upon passing the onion-shaped dome churches, we knew that it would be a matter of minutes before arriving at the all-too-familiar river which flows next to the town center.
Almost instantly, we spotted them! At first, there were only a few along the river. And as we descended the steps and started sprinkling bread crumbs at them, more and more simply appeared from nowhere!
Somehow, they reminded me of the Navy and Air Forces, with high-tec communication gadgets to inform others in the vicinity of their discoveries and also theirs magnificent manoeuver towards the target before the smooth water landing from flight. Amazing!
It was not until the bag was emptied out and dusk approached before we decided to head back. Mission accomplished. :)

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