Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weisskirchen - Tante Juli's Farm

Never did I expect to derive such pure pleasure from a simple visit to the florist. The sight of the numerous never-seen-before species of flowers ambushing all corners of the store to welcome the customers is simply amazing. If diamond melts a woman's heart, then flowers would have to be its stiff competitor!

So armed with a huge bouquet of flowers, we made another joyful visit to Weisskirchen. One of the agenda for this visit and also the highlight for me would be the trip to Tante Juli's farm!

I must admit that I had a rather 'fantasy' perception of how a farm would be like: with sheeps, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, cows, pigs, horses...etc all housed under one roof and not forgetting the all-important rooster sitting atop the roof waiting for its moment for the day.

Naturally, this was not what I saw at the real farm. There were cows grazing on a steep slope and each cow has their own unique names. When called, they'll actually acknowledge it by walking down the hill towards the source of the commotion. But they don't respond to just anyone calling them, mainly the farmer and his wife in this case. And like sheeps, there's a leader in the herd and she was chosen by the farmer based on her behavioural traits. Once crowned the leader, she'll be honoured with the traditional almglocken around her neck.

When we entered the farm house and approached the pig pent, all the pigs were running away and hiding outside. Only when the farmer called out their names (yes, they have names too!) did they came running back to the pent. So as I witnessed it, pigs are clever actually!

They also have two cats and a dog. And mind you, the dog is a Deutsch Kurzhaar and she has webbed feet which makes her a natural swimmer!

On this particular day, they found a baby hedgehog which was lost from its parents. And guess what is their favourite drink? Milk! And talking about milk, I had my serving of fresh, warm milk straight from the cow! It is so creamy and had a tinge of sweetness to it. I'm so thrilled as this trip turned out to be quite an "Animal Planet" experience for me.
Finally, any trip to Weisskirchen is not complete without the cakes, glorious cakes! :)

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