Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eine Schokolade Torte?

Schokolade Torte

Ingredients (cake):
150g butter
150g sugar
4 eggs (separate egg yolks from white)
180g nuts (grinded) - any nuts
180g dark baking chocolate
180g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 sachet vanilla powder

Ingredients (chocolate grazing):
100g dark baking chocolate
80g butter
Almond strips (optional)

(1) Whisk butter till light

(2) Add sugar and continue whisking

(3) Add yolk and whisk

(4) Meanwhile, melt the chocolate at low heat and pour into batter and whisk.

(5) Add vanilla powder

(6) Add nuts, slowly

(7) Beat egg white in another bowl

(8) To flour, add sieved baking powder

(9) Add flour mixture to batter slowly

(10) Stir in the egg whites slowly

(11) Prepare baking tin by coating with butter and then sprinkling with bread crumbs

(12) Pour batter into baking tin

(13) Place tray at bottom of preheated oven at 180°C

(14) Bake for ~45 minutes. Stick inserted should come out clean.

(15) Cool the cake

(16) For the grazing, melt chocolate and butter at low heat. Stir constantly.

(17) Pour chocolate grazing over the cake making sure to cover the entire cake.

(18) Add almond strips to decorate (optional)

(+) This recipe is so easy to follow
(+) The trick here is to sprinkle the baking tin with bread crumbs after the butter coating which makes removal of the cake from the tin extremely easy! No more torn-off crumbs on the tin leaving poke-marked holes on the cake surface. :)
(=) The cake is not too buttery or too thick.
(=) I especially love the nutty flavour from each bite!

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