Tuesday, April 6, 2010

B is for Bread

I knew that I am in 'ang moh' terrritories the moment I am confronted with a vast selection of breads for breakfast.

Since I am in the midst of a food transition having just spent five wonderful weeks loading up on my calories in Singapore, I opted for the wholemeal tuna sandwich which is still a familiar and welcome sight for the Singaporeans. My companion, nevertheless, easily washed down the vollkornbrot ham sandwich with a cup of coffee - typical European style.

I am not complaining about the breads since I have grown to appreciate and enjoy them over the months.

Although the toasted white bread with kaya spread served in the kopitiams in Singapore has it's 'umph" factor, it simply cannot replace the daily freshly baked crispy crusted bread loaves in Europe. And certainly, vice versa.

To buy such a bread loaf in Singapore means having to travel to German bakeries and paying twice the price in Singapore dollars...which can be a killjoy.

For sure, this is one thing that I'll miss sorely when I'm back in Asia.

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