Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quest For Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt

I am always curious about mummies and all the graphic details of mummification. Hence, I was pleased to learn that the National Museum of Singapore was putting up some exhibits on the world of ancient egypt (in cooperation with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna) from late December last year till early April this year.

The exhibition was fairly priced at $15/adult and a further 50% discount when one pays with Mastercard.
The exhibition was also fairly sized. There were lots of relics on display varying from jewelleries to statues to fragment from architectural sites as well as from The Book Of The Dead.

canopic containers for storing the organs

Nevertheless, what interests me the most would be the mummies. Disappointingly, there were only a few mummies on display with almost half enclosed in the sarcophaguses. The mummification processes were mainly described in texts which alternatively could be better illustrated via re-enactment in a video show.
Furthermore, there were only two x-ray photographs from two sets of mummies and not even a single photograph of how a mummy looks like beneath the thick layers of linens and canvases.

I guess I would have to visit other museums with a larger collection of mummy exhibits or better yet, to pay Egypt a visit. :)

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