Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Osteria Dal Conte @ Klagenfurt

Osteria Dal Conte is an Italian themed restaurant and it is the best one I could find in the Klagenfurt town centre!

I always find every visit to the restaurant packed full with customers and was even turned away on one occasion.

I first fell in love with the restaurant when I first patronized it on a Thursday evening and managed to find a seat next to the front door. On their menu, there would be the daily available dishes and one special dish for each day. It turned out that on that particular first visit, the Thursday special was seafood pasta in white wine sauce - my absolute favourite! The order was taken rather quickly and the food came within 15 minutes. The piping hot serving looked huge with plentiful quantities of shelled seafood topping the pasta. And it tasted so so good on that cold Autumn's evening. The seafood was fresh and the pasta was cooked to al dente perfection! I managed to wipe out the entire serving and was already looking forward to my next visit!

So needless to say, whenever I'm in Klagenfurt town centre, this restaurant would be my natural first choice. My recent visit was on a Friday late afternoon. Even at 6pm, most of the tables were already fully reserved and we were lucky to find one in the midst. I ordered the Friday special which was grilled fish with grilled baby potatoes coupled with vegetables. This was the first time I had a fish with both head and tail served to me in Austria. Very often, the fishes available in restaurants would either be in sections or in breaded fillets. The fish tasted fresh but could be better cleaned as there were still some scales on the skin, The vegetables were crunchy and potatoes excellently grilled that I can't seem to stop stuffing my mouth with it although my stomach is screaming *FULL*.

My companion ordered the other special for the day which was shell-shaped pasta in a cream sauce topped with bits of fresh seasonal mushrooms and deer meat. Simple as it look, it tasted fantastic! I couldn't stop forking at his plate even while I was already busy with mine. At a mere €6.50, this is definitely worth it!

The conclusion I drew from this recent visit was that their pasta is a must-try and certainly the safest option guaranteed to satisfy even the most fussy eater.

With good food at affordable prices, I am already looking forward to my next visit! :)

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