Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Genottenhöhe @ Villach

Overlooking the small town of Villach is Genottenhöhe, a traditional Austrian restaurant located on top of a hill. The walk up to the restaurant took us just 30 minutes from our apartment and it was a good form of exercise on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The month of April is known to the locals as a moody month. It can be sunny one moment, windy the next and even raining or snowing on the very same day! On this particular Saturday, the sky was in a perpetual state of indecisiveness - to be a sunny or a cloudy windy day?

Hence we started the walk thinking that it'll be a sunny afternoon, only to return to the apartment shortly afterwards for a change of windproof tops. The walk uphill was rather gradual and enjoyable if not for the ocassional strong gusts of wind. Along the way, we found a hen wandering underneath some bushes and only realised that it must have gotten lost from its brood at a farm just a stone's throw away.

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seatings with a lush green field for children to ran about. If not for the windy conditions, we would have chosen to admire the view of the town from the outside with a nice brew of light Austrian coffee. Nevertheless, in the cosy interior, the view through the window was equally splendid.

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