Tuesday, April 6, 2010

记得吃 - Part 2

Ever since my last visit to 记得吃@ Chinatown Point, I knew I couldn't hold my cravings for long before I had to make my subsequent appearance at the dessert shop again.

And boy am I right! I finally caved in to temptation after a mere 2 weeks and rushed head long into the shop, ordering the durian flavoured snow ice. The snow ice had the nice flavour of durian without the creaminess of milk ice-cream. They were also very generous with the durian puree topping with it's heavenly bitter-sweet flesh. This was well balanced with the slight sourly tinge from the pomelo.

My companion-in-crime (who, by the way hated durian) ordered the popular mango puree with pomelo and crushed ice. He was literally pigging at his bowl of dessert and it left me thinking if he was in fact trying to hide his nose from my bowl of delicious durian snow ice.

Until the launch of their next mind-blowing dessert, the durian snow ice officially made it to the top of my dessert list.

Anyone knows if the shop issues any VIP cards?

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