Thursday, October 29, 2009

Germany, Bavaria - Bad Reichenhall

Those of you who are fans of the Mozart Kugeln (or commonly known as the Mozart Balls) must, and I emphasize again, MUST visit the Reber flagship store in Bad Reichenhall, near to Salzburg.
There are of course some who came here for the thermal spa resort or the wonderful sights of snow-capped mountains but I dare say most came solely to visit the Reber store - to get their hands on the great varieties of chocolates (especially the genuine Reber Mozart Kugeln®) or to enjoy a cup of coffee with freshly baked cake slices in different themed sections of the café, all richly decorated.

In Spring and Summer, an alternative location to be enjoying a cup of coffee would have to be in the great outdoor, at the Mozart garden. Sipping a freshly brewed coffee amidst the wonderful blooms with water trickling down the fountain and accompanied by bronze figurines of Mozart, Constance (Mozart's wife) and Miss Bimperl (their English terrier) is simply ahhhh....pure pleasure....

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