Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Schokofest @ Landesmuseum, Klagenfurt

To be really honest, the highlight of this chocolate exhibition was all about the free chocolate tastings since most part of the posters were in Deutsch with only a tiny section in English. Nevertheless, this trip was still worthwhile as far as my sweet tooth is concerned.

At the ticketing counter, each visitor was issued with a 'starter' bag of chocolates and a nice ceramic chocolate tasting spoon which kind of sets me anticipating with excitement whether a similar "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" scene will unfold before me. Then there was of course the red ribbon and wrist strap joke which I shan't elaborate further.

The entrance to the exhibition at the ground level was the 'boring' stuff - mainly huge posters explaining everything and probably anything about the grand history of chocolate.

The second level did not appear anymore exciting except for a white-bluish-purplish cow standing near the entrance of a room together with a milkmaid, each holding onto a basket full of Milka chocolates. Little did I know that the wonderland was really inside the room. The fragrance of chocolate wafting pass me when I entered the room, it's simply heavenly. Despite the size of the room, it didn't stop me sprinting from one display to the next with the tasting spoon in one hand and a chocolate-nicking gesture in my other hand.

miniature chocolate kitchen

my deadly yin-yang chocolate mix

one of the many chocolate fondues with varying cocoa contents

chocolate biscuit samples

chocolate moulds

box full of chocolates - but out of touch

salt chocolates

my favourite - chocolate bar executioners!

Chocolate sculptures along the corridor

The third and last floor was the chocolate manufacturer's show room. Here, I was able to taste more chocolate on the pretense of being a potential customer. Cheapskate that is, I know...

At the end of the exhibition, I managed to pack in somemore free samples in my 'starter' bag as well as to make up my mind and purchased some chocolate bars from the hundreds of varieties on sale.

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