Friday, October 2, 2009

Spain, Málaga - Food (Part 5 of 5)

A typical grocery store in Spain
(this reminds me of the grocery shops at the market places in Singapore!)

Menu board at Puerto Marina

I'll cut to the chase and go straight to the FOOD!

Tuna Salad
(ok, I admit, there's nothing special about this...but it's still food isn't it??)
My cold and soggy turkey sandwich to feed my famished tummy

White bread and bread sticks
(no, they don't eat dark breads like the Austrians and yes, that's Inma's finger trying to pass off as a bread stick!)
Deep-fried Pork Cutlets
(Schnitzel in German-speaking countries, Fried Pork Chop for Singaporeans!)

Looks like curry puff? Yes! But without the curry and the crispy skin! Old Chang Kee is still the best!
White Wine Sphagetti with Prawns
(it's here for the record that it doesn't taste good at all!!)

Chinese Stir-fried Vegetables with Meat
(tastes okay, but can be better)

Tortilla Española
(also known as Spanish Omelette which is a mix of egg and potatoes)

Porra Antequerana
(a cold tomato-based tapas dish which is eaten on its own or together with bread)

Pisto Manshego
(a warm tomato-based tapas dip which I prefer to Porra Antequerana)
Sopa de Albóndigas
(Meatball with soup and if you like, you can throw in a couple of fries...just for the fun of it!)

Almejas Salteadas
(clams cooked with garlic in white wine - my absolute favourite!)

Espeto de Sardinas
(the popular BBQ sardines skewered on sticks!)

Gambas al Pil-Pil
(fresh shrimps cooked in oil - sounds fattening at the first mention but absolutely delicious!)

Jibia a la Plancha
(not really sure what it was but was told that it's something bigger than a squid, smaller than an octopus...hmmm...but it tastes like squid to me)

(a cold tapas salad dish with lots of tomato, paprika, onions and crabstick cubes)

Tortilla de Camarones
(this is exactly deep-fried 虾饼!)

Pincho de Gambas
(just grilled shrimps on a stick...a bit on the tough side though)

Berenjenas Fritas Con Miel
(thinly sliced brinja a.k.a eggplants, deep fried and drizzled with honey...nice!)

(a.k.a croquettes made up of mashed potatoes and minced meat)

Jamón Serrano & Caña de lomo

Revuelto de Judias
(fried eggs with paprika and potatoes...and maybe onions)

Uva Moscatel
(an extremely sweet type of grapes used to produce wine, raisins or simply table grapes. In the photo, on the same bunch, you can see the darker raisins and the lightly grapes!)

Paella de Marisco
(Ta-Dah! Presenting the grand finale -The National Dish of Spain!)


Anonymous said...

what's is the name for that spanish curry puff? u forgot to mention it

Duckburg said...

I have absolutely no idea! :)