Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Germany, Lenggries - Braueck

This is my first time being invited to attend a birthday party atop a snowing mountain! How cool is that? Or a more appropriate word would be freezing?

Brauneck is a mountain located in Lenggries, within the state of Bavaria in Germany. The 4-seater gondola lift took us to an elevation of 1500m and from the gondola station, we had to trek for another 30 minutes before arriving at the hut.

The trek was relatively easy if not for the waist-deep snow and the heavy snowfall that made each step especially tedious. It was as if we were tiny beings being cast in a bowl of icing sugar or better still, in a water globe with swirling snow all around us!

However, once inside the dining hall of the hut, the temperature instantly went up by a few notches. Everywhere, people were taking off their thick winter jackets before settling comfortably on the wooden benches enjoy their beer. This went on till the wee hours and even after I retired for the night, the loud thumping musics could still be clearly heard through the thin wooden flooring.

But it's a birthday celebration what the heck! :)

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