Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maria Buch, Styria

Maria Buch lies within the district of Judenburg in the state of Styria.

One could have easily missed the small town if not for its distinctive late-Gothic church which stood out amongst the low-roofed houses surrounding it. The church is a well-known pilgrim site dating back to the 15th century.

While touring the church, I was told a real story about an attempt by the Turkish to bomb the church by filling three huge candles with explosive powders. The plan was for the explosives to be set off when the church service commences and the candles lighted. Fortunately, the bomb attack was uncovered, the lives of many saved, the historic church survived and the three candles still stood by the altar till this day.

The town was richly decorated with the colourful flowers of Summer - in the gardens of private houses, hanging down from balconies, outside restaurants, along the roadsides and even one giant book made up of pink and red flowers!

Black-eye Susi

There was even a considerable-sized farmhouse located within the small town itself! And besides the farm animals, I could easily spot cats lazing throughout the town - under cars away from the direct sun glare, snoozing away on a bench outside a restaurant, catching mice in the vast green field... This bug is quite common here and in this case, I found one 'attached' to the other in a back-to-back position and being dragged all over the ground...interesting...

Food was certainly one of the highlight during the trip. Tante Helli made an amazing Chocolate Torte specially for us and I could dare say it rivals the famous Sacher Torte!

Dinner was a simply affair of baguettes with ham, cheese, egg, zucchini and paprika slices. It was so simple and yet delicious!

Life can be so simple...

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