Monday, May 4, 2009

Nepal By Foot - Day 02

Started the day with a high energy packed breakfast - rosti with egg - Nepali style. And then we were off on a steep ascension towards Ghorepani (2855m).

Along the rocky mountain faces, the climb was arduous with the harsh sun glaring down upon us. Occasionally, there would be a distant 'ding donging' of bells and my face would instantly lit up. This signals the arrival of yet another herd of mule, carrying loads of food or building supplies to the remote mountainous villages and we would have to stop to give way to these hardworking mules. :)

Although it was a long and hard climb, we still found time to stop along the way to admire the Rhododendrons - the national flower of Nepal.

Before dusk, we arrived in Ghorepani for our well deserved rest.

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