Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nepal - Thamel

Thamel is like Orchard Road in Singapore. It has so many shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels that I could not keep count!

You can nearly find anything you want in Thamel - from fake trekking gears to large bookshops to German styled wannabe bakeries to wifi-enabled cafes to high-class hotels to budget hostels and to youngsters selling 'companion' services and drugs in the evening. Of course not forgetting the hundreds of souvenir shops aimed with the primary objective of emptying your pockets!

Thamel has it all!

note: despite the food glorious food experiences in Thamel, do heed my advice to steer clear of the following:

(1) Lemon cheesecake from New Orleans Cafe (one of the recommended restaurant in Lonely Planet). I have never seen any cheesecake that looks sadder than this. :( It was already flopped to one side when it was served and it tasted mainly of lemon, with only a tiny teeny trace of cheese.

(2) Generally any bakeries which boast of it's German bread - the only similarities I find are that both are heavy and hard. While the ones I had in Germany tasted fresh out of the oven, the ones in Nepal tasted 'old' as if it was shipped from Germany...

(3) Cakes (in Nepal) - particularly so if you go for the thick and moist textures. All the cakes I have tasted in Nepal were dry and without fail, I needed a big glass of water to wash it down my throat.

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