Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nepal - Patan Durbar Square

Part of the voluntary program includes sightseeing tours to the popular places of interests around Kathmandu. On one of the tours, we visited Patan - particularly the Durbar Square which forms the heart of Patan.

En route to the Durbar Square, we came across many small eateries either in the form of a small shopfront or a pushcart. The mouth-watering snacks did it's job by stopping us in our tracks for a good few minutes to either ponder whether to buy the snack or to simply take a few more whiffs of the nice aroma drifting from the hot frying pans!

The familiar BBQ corn

Ramly Burger - Nepalese style
Old Chang Kee - Nepalese style

Entry to the Patan Durbar Square was free when we flashed our VSN volunteer card, thus another perk to sign up as a volunteer! :)

To be brutally honest, the place was not so interesting for me with it's brick red Newari architectural styled buildings and temples everywhere. Being non-Hindus, we were not allowed into any of the temples but to simply take photographs from the outside. Even a visit to the museum is costly!

Nevertheless, the snacks did it for me! :)

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