Sunday, September 9, 2007

Awwww.......Mother's Cooking

Yesterday evening, the entire family paid baby Alicia a visit and I finally got to taste my mum's cooking after nearly 2 weeks!

The familiar aroma which filled the living room is reason enough to put a smile across my face. This is one of the things which I believe many have always taken granted for.

Sometimes, I'll wonder if in the generations to come, will home-cooked food be something which is more easily available everywhere else other than at home?

I have tried sometimes to recreate the tastes in some of my mom's dishes but it's never the same. My mum doesn't go by tsp or tbs or cups or grams. After a dash of this or a pinch of that, she always does a taste check by dipping her finger into the sauce or gravy and delivering it straight into her mouth. Then it's either a satisfied "hmm" or a pinch more of something else to complete the dish. There's no guidelines or recipes to follow.

It's all about the sense of taste...the art of cooking...or simply the common sense as my mother puts it - which I'm still trying hard to grasp.

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