Monday, September 17, 2007

Menu Update from Sausage Co.

After dropping by Sausage Co. a couple of times, I observed many customers asking to look at the sausages, toppings, sauces et cetera. And so, I proposed to create a pictorial menu for the shop.

The idea of taking photographs at the shop came to my mind after I patronised a Hong Kong themed cafe located in the eastern part of Singapore. The photographs shown on the menu looks really fantastic - with it's large serving size and appetising photo shots. However, the disappointment set in when we saw the actual food serving. It was half the size of what was shown on the menu. Food tastes rather so-so too, definitely not worth the price we are paying. So I gathered that by taking photographs of the food items in the shop for the menu, WHAT YOU SEE (WILL BE IN FACT) WHAT YOU GET!

If the boss nods his head, the menu will be on display at Sausage Co. soon. My menu! :)

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