Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visit to Sausage Co.

I brought some friends to the Sausage Co. this evening and realised that there are some changes to the menu.

For a start, the slow-selling sausages will be phrased out while new sausage flavours (after repeated requests from customers) will be launched.

The garden salad bowl was newly launched where the customers have the option to either be totally healthy and eat only vegetables or to add a grilled sausage to the salad bowl - either way, it's a good option for those who prefers a light lunch!

The coleslaw will be replacing the mixed pea salad - HURRAY!!! Coleslaw is my all-time favourite! I'm such a big fan of the KFC coleslaws but it's a pity that for a small cup of coleslaw, they are charging quite a bit.

And of course, the shop will be giving the Horlicks Doggie Cookies as giveaways for the Mid-Autumn festival.

I volunteered to make a poster for the shop.... let's hope it'll be head-stopper, attention-grabber.

This is my dinner: Bockwurst + lettuce + tomato + american beef chilli (my must-have dressing!)

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