Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Singaporeans are not the most Kiasu lots - REALLY!

From 30 August till 2 September 2007, I worked at the COMEX-IT show. It is really an experience that money can't buy.

It's not for the money that I decided to work for the show, but more for the "fun" element. Most part of my life, I played the part of a customer - sometimes, the understanding customer; other times, I am also guilty of being the unreasonable customer. So for once in my life, I got to stand behind the counter and abide by the motto "Customer is Always Right".

The job required me to go through the camera pack (including free gift set) with the customers. It was quite a repetitive task but nevertheless, physically and vocally demanding. We were on our feet most of the time, had to make ourselves heard over all the ruckus and most importantly, be polite to the customers.

By the end of Day One, I realised it's not as fun as what I had imagined it to be. It's really hardwork! I also managed to make some pretty interesting observations based on the 4 days of limited, but intensive customer service experience:

(a) Some customers are so excited about their new purchase that they'll grab the camera pack plus free gifts and promptly opened them up

(b) Others are more excited about grabbing all the receipts (even the merchant's copy) off the counter

(c) Most customers are more excited about the free gifts than the camera itself

(d) Foreign nationales working in Singapore will insist on getting an International warranty than a Local warranty even if they'll be staying in Singapore for the full duration of the warranty period and there's a longer coverage for the Local warranty.

(e) Ang mohs are usually the most Ching Chai customers

(f) Female customers are more particular about the appearance of the cameras than their male counterparts

(g) Customers with compact camera purchases are usually the ones to fuss over the appearance of the camera compared to customers with SLR camera purchases.

(h) Interesting (but not proven!) ways on how customers check the appearance of their cameras
- using the handphone light to shine on the LCD screen to check for dust
- moving fingers over the part where the two camera casings are assembled side-by-side to make sure it is prefectly smooth - even one tiny bump is reason for a new camera exchange

(i) Male customers are more interested to check for dead pixels on the LCD screen while their female counterparts have no idea what it is

And the most easily pleased customer? They are the babies and toddlers who'll grin from ear to ear when you present them with a colourfully wrapped piece of sweet!

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