Monday, September 24, 2007

East Meets West

Mother is finally back home last Sunday! And today, I decided to show off my pizza making skills to her - afterall, it's the one proud dish I have successfully re-created during her absence.

However, I did not have the required 600g of bread flour as stated in the recipe so I made do with a smaller quantity and kneaded the dough based on my "ah-gah-ration" skills. This time round, the dough yielded two small pizzas which I managed to roll thinner compared to my previous attempt. For one pizza, I used chicken shreds to replace the hams slices while for the other pizza, I used roasted duck shreds.

Mother prefers the duck shred pizza while I prefer the ham slices. Dad is simply satisfied that the pizza is filling.

In addition, mother stir-fried a plate of vegetables and together with another bowl of white lettuce soup, we had a "East Meets West" theme dinner tonight!

Duck Shred Pizza

Chicken Shred Pizza

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